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Offering Expertise In Every Method Of Sale

Having been involved in Real Estate for some time, we know that the property market is constantly changing and certain methods of sale suit different market environments.

As agents, we are legally obliged to recommend the best method of sale for our clients, not just the one that suits us best.


This is an important distinction to make, and one that is key for a home owner to ascertain when choosing their agent - has this agent got my best interests at heart, or their own?

We have in the past sold many properties by auction, (more than any other agent in the city in some years) but now as the market slowly swings from a strong 'sellers market' to more of a 'buyers market' we are recommending more and more properties be sold by closed tender.


Ultimately the method of sale is purely your decision as a home owner, but you can be assured that we will give you a fair and honest recommendation based purely on your home and circumstances.  We believe there aren't many agents in Wellington who can match our dual experience with sales by both auction and tender.    

Essential Components For Marketing Your Property...

Real Estate Website Advertising

Nearly all local property buyers look at Trademe. We measure our buyer sources regularly and Trademe is easily the most dominant of all the advertising mediums. The Lowe & Co website generates a significant amount of enquiry too, a lot of this stemming from either the weekly database email (below) or our Facebook and google advertising which links back to the Lowe & Co website.

Database Email 

It surprises me how often we find the buyer for a property from our databases. It really is one of the most effective tools we have and it's completely free. At Lowe & Co, the new listings are sent out each week to every single buyer who has come through a Lowe & Co Open Home. (about 18,000 people at the last count)  The effect of this is that the Lowe & Co website generates more 'hits' than Real Estate and nearly as many enquiries as Trade Me.

High Quality Online Video

An online video helps your property stand out in the marketplace and lets buyers 'get to know' your house before they visit. Many buyers begin to commit emotionally to the property just from watching the video. Our statistics indicate that properties with online video are at least twice as likely to attract interest from out of town or overseas buyers. 

Facebook & Google Advertising

With the advent of online video for property marketing, we need as many mediums as possible to get your property out there in front of potential buyers.  A $200 Facebook boost will generally yield 20,000 video views and 200 extra 'clicks through' to the Lowe & Co website. We also conduct a targeted Google Adwords campaign for every video which generates around 6000 views over an average campaign. Instagram advertising is also generating some excellent results.

Builders Report

Having a Builders Report on hand gives your home the edge over the vast majority of homes on the market that don't have one.

Here are the main reasons why:

1: Buyers can move quickly and buy your property straight away.

2: Buyers know about any issues up front - we won't lose them further into the process when they discover issues.

3: Buyers aren't penalised financially if they bid on your property and miss out - meaning there's more bidders at the auction.

Very few buyers will purchase a property without a LIM report, but it takes a minimum of 10 working days to get one, then they may find something at the last minute they weren't expecting and be put off your property.  Having a LIM ready at the start gives everybody the knowledge they need up front, it removes a barrier for them to buying your house and lets the market know you are serious about selling.

LIM Report

Print Advertising

Properties no longer need to be advertised in the Dominion Post on a Saturday morning, but there's no doubt that having an ad in there does give your property a little more exposure. When selling our own personal property, we paid for an 'Editorial Feature' which is the full write up and cover shot for absolute maximum exposure, so we still definitely believe in the medium in certain circumstances.

Neighbourhood 'Just Listed'

Many neighbours have friends or family who might be interested in your home, yet they may not be actively looking and they might not ever drive past the sign.  During a typical campaign, we will have at least 10 or more neighbours through the open home from the 'Just Listed' flyers. This works in a sellers favour in two ways, firstly, to make your home look more popular and desirable to the genuine buyers, and secondly because these neighbours often tell their friends about the property and bring them through too.

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